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Our next traveling exhibition, Apollo: When We Went to the Moon opens next Saturday, October 2! But what does it take to prepare for opening day of a new exhibition? We got a sneak peak on load in day last week. Load in is the start of the delivery and unpacking process to set up and prepare for a new exhibition. Displays and artifacts arrive in large crates, and our technicians install all of the pieces for guests to enjoy.


We spoke with Kevin Lamp, Director Exhibit & Facility Experience about the exhibition and the installation process:

Q: What has been the most challenging piece to install?

A: We’re on day four of install and haven’t installed it yet, but I anticipate the rocket being the most challenging just due the size and weight.

Q: What do you predict will be the biggest hit for our Museum guests?

A: The sheer size of the rocket will get people’s attention—big always gets a wow. The Moon experiences will be a big hit, too, like the Lunar Rover photo op and the interactive where you can leave your footprints on the Moon.

Rocket Incoming

Q: Have there been any curve balls during this installation process?

A: Some of the crates arrived with water damage, which resulted in a significant amount of damage to the display cases. However, we have great support from Flying Fish and a team that can repair and fabricate everything we need to open on time.

Q: What is the first and last day of installation like for a traveling exhibition?

A: The first day is always about trucks and crates. We need to stay focused on the load-ins so no one gets hurt. The last day is always filled with relief and the pride of a job well done. Over the course of an install we always need to make field decisions so things work properly, and we also spend time on custom fabrication to make a modular exhibit fit into our unique space.

Q: What skills would someone need to pursue a job like yours?

A: Everyone in exhibits has some combination of multiple skill sets including graphic design, illustration, woodworking, metal work, electronics, fabrics, etc. Anyone who wants to get into museum exhibits needs to have the ability to identify and solve problems and a creative/curious mind.

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Apollo: When We Went to the Moon is a touring exhibition co-produced by U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL and Flying Fish. Presented in Charlotte by Honeywell.
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