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Bug out when school's out with a two-week long celebration of bugs and the special adaptations that enable them to survive during Winter Wonder Bugs at Discovery Place Science! Meet live bugs, learn about neuroscience while exploring robo roaches, craft a bug-inspired ornament, stop by the Bug Bar and more. For the more adventurous, visit the Bug Bistro to try a taste of a protein-packed insect.

Winter Wonder Bugs: Thursday, December 20 - Wednesday, January 2
(Discovery Place Science will be closed Monday, December 24 and Tuesday, December 25)

Jingle Bugs: The perfect place for our younger guests to find out how bugs spend their winter vacations as guests make their own bug. We will focus on different bugs will be throughout winter break including click beetles, snowfleas and woolly worms.

Air Bee N Bug: Join us in Thinker Space to design and make a home for your pollinators to spend the winter – and practice your woodworking and hand tool skills, too!

Meet a Bug: Participants learn and meet some of the Museum’s favorite bugs.

A Bug's Life-Cycles: Learn to identify the various stages of a bug's life - from egg to larva and from pupa to adult, every bug has an amazing journey.

Humbug: Many bugs are known by more than one name. Who decides? Plus, hear the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, as told by the infamous humbug!

Holiday Tree Critters: Learn about the insects that may reside in many popular trees including holiday trees, helping to form a vibrant ecosystem, and make a six-legged ornament you can take home or leave on our tree!

Robo Roaches: Learn about the nervous system of a cockroach and control their movements using circuits.

Bug Bistro: Think you've got what it takes to eat a bug? Earn your 'I Ate a Bug' button while learning all about micro-livestock.

Bee Boogie: Model how honeybees communicate by working together to create a dance language to express where the facilitator has hidden the nectar.

Christmas Critters: Enjoy a game show about the bugs that live in your holiday tree, and others found in your home.

Butterfly Masks: Cut out and color your own butterfly mask. Learn about butterfly life cycles and other characteristics.

Armored Bug Build: Craft your own exoskeleton.

Lasers and Bugs: Learn about Thinker Space's laser cutter and make your own model of a bug out of wooden laser cut pieces. Participants must be age 8 or older.

Firefly Electricity: Learn about the powers of a common novelty plasma ball and a fluorescent tube from an expert in things that glow, the Firefly.

Daily Showings of Backyard Wilderness in IMAX: Backyard Wilderness displays a stunning array of unique wildlife images and behavior -- all captured by cameras mounted inside dens and nests, and moving along the forest floor and pond bottom, to reveal its inhabitants in rare and breathtaking intimacy.

Bug Lab: Want to take your insect fascination to the next level? Larger-than-life bug models are your guides as you journey through hands-on activities and challenges. Enter the ‘operating theatre’ of the iridescent jewel wasp and witness her turn a cockroach into a zombie. Join forces with the Japanese honeybees to help them defeat their greatest enemy, the giant hornet. In a game of skill, try and beat the orchid mantis’s lightning-fast reflexes.

Discovery Place Science Winter break activities run Thursday, December 20 through Wednesday, January 2. Check the Daily Schedule for a full list of activities and events.

All activities, excluding IMAX, are included with Museum admission.

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