Don't miss the opportunity to be 'painted' in Van Gogh's signature style

Discovery Place Science

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If Van Gogh were alive today, what would he paint? What might the portrait look like if he painted you?

Guests have a special opportunity to explore those possibilities at Van Gogh Alive, thanks to an exclusive experience created for Discovery Place by celebrated artist Ivan Toth Depe, known for his use of science, technology and traditional media.

Developed in partnership with McColl Center for Visual Art, Depe's creation uses projection-based interactive technology to transform silhouettes and movements into a digital "painting" that echoes Van Gogh's heavy brushstrokes and vivid colors.

Guests of all ages have embraced this opportunity to "become a Van Gogh painting."

Check out the video below to see how it works!

If you haven't experienced Van Gogh Alive yet, time is running out! The exhibition ends Sunday and tickets are available. Buy tickets online now or call 704.372.6261 x300.

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