Expert’s Guide to Discovery Place Science: Part I

Discovery Place Science

Museums are full of secrets and Discovery Place Science is no exception.

In fact, our staff gathered so many hidden tips and tricks that we've created a four-part Expert's Guide to cover all the juicy details. Part I explores some of the hidden features in our exhibitions.

You know you can do a lot of things at Discovery Place Science, but did you know that:

  • You can turn on the sign in Cool Stuff.
    If you launch the ring launcher and tennis ball launcher at the same time, the lights in the words “Cool Stuff” light up.
  • You can change the song at the globe in World Alive.
    If you hit all of the ecosystem buttons around the perimeter of the globe, a new song begins to play.
  • You can win tug of war every time.
    Shhh…don’t tell your opponent, but the tug of war exhibit is easier to pull from the right side. The fulcrum is shifted so whoever pulls from the left is automatically at a disadvantage.
  • You can control the PUSH sign in Cool Stuff.
    If you make enough rotations of the capstan fan, in addition to blowing the windmill that turns the gear to lift the ping pong balls, you are cranking the word PUSH up hill. Once you turn the fan enough times, the sign slides back down the slope.
  • You can launch a beach ball into the air.
    If you use your hands to cover all of the air tubes at the Bernoulli blower, the air will redirect to the top of the tube and cause the beach ball at the top to float above your head.

Now that you’re an expert on the exhibitions, come into the Museum and try out your new secret skills! Just let your friends think you figured it all out on your own. We won’t tell.

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