How to Plan a Half Day Visit at Discovery Place Science

How to Plan a Half Day Visit at Discovery Place Science

Discovery Place Science

If you’ve spent just two hours at Discovery Place Science, you’ve likely realized that there are so many little corners of the Museum to explore and enjoy. To spend a little more time exploring wonder and creativity in the Museum, check out this helpful guide to getting the most out of a half-day visit (four hours) at Discovery Place Science.

Enter through the 6th St Admissions, and begin your half day of fun on Level 1 of the Museum.

45 Minutes: Start your visit by traveling back in time to an ancient world, fly through space and experience the largest IMAX screen in the Carolinas. With a three-story tall dome-shaped screen, 12,000 watts of surround-sound and a projection lamp that can be seen from space, The Charlotte Observer IMAX® Dome Theatre delivers the world's most immersive movie experience. With multiple films running throughout the year, there’s surely something to pique the interest of you and your group.

25 Minutes: Next discover something new in Explore More Collections, one of our interactive labs. This lab gives visitors the opportunity to find, identify and connect objects in the natural world. With over 80,000 non-living items in the Collections, a selection of these archived items are always available in Explore More Collections. What will you find?

40 Minutes: Explore Earth’s biodiversity in our permanent exhibition, World Alive. Explore the wonders of the natural world as you investigate the diverse habitats filled with unique plant and animal species from around the world. Dive into an underwater ecosystem through our Aquarium, discover Charlotte’s only urban rainforest, and stop by the John Mackay Field Station to learn how to make observations in the field.

15 Minutes: After you’ve checked out World Alive, stay at the John Mackay Field Station to get Nose-to-Nose with a Museum resident. You never know who you’ll meet!

After you make friends with a member of the animal kingdom, head up the stairs to Level 2.

35 Minutes: Build curiosity in Project Build, another of our permanent exhibition. Use multimedia technology to design a mock building or rearrange the layout of a room. Create blueprint sketches, experiment with floorplans, discover different architectural styles and build structures and forts with Build It! Blocks and PVC pipe and posts.

30 Minutes: With multiple Live Shows at The Stage year-round, there are plenty of opportunities to experience an explosion, connect with cool critters or explore an ecosystem. During a Discovery Place Science show, you never know what will happen. Shows change daily, so check the Daily Schedule to see what is happening when you stop by.

25 Minutes: Experiment with physics and chemistry in Explore More Stuff, our lab that allows everyone to be a scientist and immerse in the world of physical sciences. Lab activities are constantly evolving but always include dynamic activities that provide opportunities to explore big ideas through inquiry. Check out the 3D printer, make a chemical reaction, and explore technology with our Lab Educators.

25 Minutes: For the last leg of your half day visit, spend time in Explore More Me discovering what makes you human. Another of our interactive labs, Explore More Me allows you to investigate and discover human health, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and biomedical sciences. With technology designed to help you uncover what makes the human body tick, you’ll learn and have fun in this lab.

After you’ve finished exploring this lab, your four hours with Discovery Place Science is complete! Share with us on Facebook what you learned.

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