Our Guide to Spending 2 Hours at Discovery Place Science

Our Guide to Spending 2 Hours at Discovery Place Science

Discovery Place Science

Sometimes, you don’t have a full day to spend exploring all Discovery Place Science has to offer. With so many options throughout the Museum, it may be difficult to decide how to spend a quick two hour visit. Check out this quick list to help you spend two hours in Discovery Place Science and see a little bit of everything.

Enter through Tryon St Admissions, and spend your first hour and 20 minutes on Level 2.

40 Minutes: Being Me, an exhibition that takes you and your kids on a biological journey through the human body from real anatomical specimens to virtual reality, is a must-see for families of all ages. Located on Level 2 of the Museum, the exhibition includes a human-sized hamster wheel, a virtual reality tour of the human body and the internal systems that make it tick, a deconstructed look at the ingredients that make up your body and more! You won’t get bored, and could definitely spend way longer than 40 minutes here if you wanted to.

25 Minutes: After you’ve explored Being Me, check out our Cool Stuff exhibition. Explore the physical phenomena in the world around us with the super cool science principles that govern the workings of our everyday. Lie across a bed of nails, play with the physics of lifting, launch objects through the force of chemical reactions and more.

15 Minutes: Stop by the Rainforest and meet a few of our Museum residents. Can you find BJ the Parrot? Birds, tortoises, bugs and more call the Rainforest home. Be sure to save a little time to check out the ground-level of the Rainforest from Level 1 behind the World Alive Stairs.

Head downstairs to Level 1 to continue exploring and spend your last 40 minutes. Time goes fast when you’re having fun!

15 Minutes: Check out the Aquarium to see our resident jellyfish, octopus, and more fish than you’ll be able to count. If your visit aligns with the Daily Schedule, you may be able to catch part of the Aquarium Feeding Tour or the Guided Tour. Both are usually 20 minutes, so you may only want to watch part of these guided tours if you want to explore the Aquarium on your own, too.

25 Minutes: It wouldn’t be a trip to Discovery Place Science if you didn’t stop by at least one of our Labs. Each of our five Labs are full of interactive opportunities to explore. For this visit, we recommend stopping by the Explore More Life lab, located right next to the Aquarium. In this lab, roll up your sleeves and explore biodiversity with our aquatic touch tank and meet some interesting species like the Madagascar hissing cockroach and the Thorny Devil Insect. Be sure to play in the aquarium-terrarium system, and learn how an ecosystem works.

Exit Discovery Place Science to 6th Street from Level 1, which will put you right next to the Parking Deck. We can’t wait to explore with you again!

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