Merit Badge Workshop: Sustainability

Collaborate with other Boy Scouts and Discovery Place Science educators to earn your Sustainability Merit Badge.

Be prepared!

Scouts, before your workshop, read the merit badge book and print the requirements. Before class, complete requirements 1 & 5a, 2a for Water, Food, Community, Energy and Stuff. Meet with your family and discuss your family's Water, Food and Energy usage. Before class, complete requirement 2 Energy B. All other requirements will be covered in class. Take notes and come up with a few ways to reduce your family's consumption of water and energy. Find out from a parent about your family's energy costs for utilities and for transportation. Bring all notes to class. Be sure to include the date and time of your family meeting. Have a parent sign off on your completion of family meetings.

All Scouts are expected to take notes and to write down answers to requirement questions as the information is presented during the course. These notes should be available at the end of the day to show the Merit Badge Counselor on-site and to demonstrate your participation and learning to your Scoutmaster and other troop leaders.

Essential Info

  • Capacity is limited and Scouts must register in advance to participate. Scouts may register for a maximum of two workshops during this weekend program.
  • Scouts should gather at 6th St. Admissions to meet their counselor before the workshop.
  • Scouts attending morning and afternoon workshops may bring a lunch. Food also will be available for purchase at Curio City Kitchen.
  • Parking fee for Discovery Place Science Parking Deck and Museum admission is not included.
  • Discovery Place is not able to offer a refund if a Scout is not able to attend. However, if a Scout is not able to attend, he may notify Discovery Place of his situation and either recruit a Scout to take his place or ask Discovery Place to apply his paid fee toward registration for a future merit badge program.
  • Partial or Full Completion: Full completion of any of these merit badges is possible IF Scouts complete above preparations before class. If a Scout does not finish all requirements, he can work with their counselor to list and initial requirements completed on their blue card for later completion with the counselor. Scouts should follow the buddy system with 2-deep adult leadership for all merit badge sessions and for all meetings with Counselors.
  • Clothing: Scouts are expected to wear their field uniform (“Class A” uniform) with Scouts pants and shirt to demonstrate participation as a Scout and to reinforce Scouting values and behavior during the course. Scouts must wear closed-toe shoes or boots (not sandals) with socks to classes for safety. Scouts must wear closed-toe shoes or boots (not sandals) with socks to classes for safety. Neckerchiefs and merit badge sashes and medals are not expected or required.
  • Cell Phones: Scouts may have cell phones with them during the course, but cell phones should be turned completely off during all class sessions. If a Scout chooses to send text messages or talk on his cell phone during class, he will be expected to loan his cell phone to the instructor or to his parent or to a Scout leader for safe keeping during the rest of the day, to be returned when the class ends.
Register Now
  • Ages 10 - 17
  • December 06
  • 12:30 pm - 4:45 pm
  • $30 (excludes Museum admission)
  • Boy Scout Merit Badges