National Geographic Live Daytime Show: Into the Arctic Kingdom

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Nat Geo Live Arctic Kingdom Florian Schulz

Educators, don't miss this opportunity to bring your students to a special showing for school groups.

His multi-year quest to document the Arctic took Florian Schulz to the ends of the Earth.

From the Northern Lights to playful polar bear cubs, life beyond the arctic circle is unlike anyplace else on Earth, as Schulz found out over the course of 34 months in the untamed north.

Despite the Arctic’s reputation as a barren wasteland, award-winning photographer Schulz discovered a vibrant ecosystem including playful polar bears, mysterious musk ox and a herd of thousands of caribou in the high arctic.

He camped for weeks in jarring winter conditions, accompanied traditional Inuit hunters and sailed the arctic waters, all to get an intimate look at life in the Arctic.

Through breathtaking imagery, the National Geographic photographer takes audiences on a legendary journey into the Arctic kingdom— with a special focus on the Arctic Refuge, one of the world's last great wilderness.

After his presentation at McGlohon Theater, start your journey at Discovery Place Science, where where we explore the polar extremes.

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  • All Ages
  • March 24
  • 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • $17 a person