Cool Stuff

Why do things do the things they do?

As we reopen, please note that some areas of Cool Stuff may be closed

Discover the strange and eccentric world of physical phenomena

Guests of all ages can experience the extraordinary, strange and super cool science principles that govern the workings of our everyday world.

Witness strange motion and weird happenings that delight the mind and senses. See the invisible with thermography cameras. Be lifted by air in the vacuum-powered Air Chair. Lie across a bed of 5,000 nails unharmed. Defy gravity with gyroscopic technology and electromagnetism.

Engage the fundamental – and fun – principle of "What goes up, must come down" as you explore the physics of lifting. Launch objects by the explosive force of a chemical reaction or pull yourself to new heights using a pulley system. Work together on the Gizmotron to scoop, fill and turn the wheels of this giant contraption.

Perform amazing feats of strength such as crushing a garbage can or winning a seemingly impossible tug-of-war match. Flex your superhuman muscles for a round of hydraulic arm wrestling. Harness the power of the wind to steer a sail boat or spin a wind turbine.

It’s not magic. It’s really cool science!

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