Mind Matters

Opens January 29 — Presented by Atrium Health

Mental health is a vital part of our overall health. The new special exhibition Mental Health: MIND MATTERS explores the stigma of mental illness while illustrating the facts—mental illness is common; it can happen to anyone, and it is treatable. Featuring hands-on activities and multimedia experiences, this exhibition explores the science behind our feelings and how we experience the world around us.

025 Recognize the Emotion

As the leading hub for science learning in the Carolinas, Discovery Place is proud to present Mental Health: MIND MATTERS and provide a safe space to hold important conversations that impact us on both a personal level and as a community.

As part of this exhibition, you will:

  • Peer into mini-dioramas depicting how attitudes toward people with mental illnesses have varied over time.
  • Try answering simple questions while hearing voices to experience what it’s like to live inside someone else’s head.
  • Play an emotion recognition game using only facial expressions.
  • Write down your worries and destroy them in the Worry Shredder.
  • Hear from people in their own words about living with mental illness.
  • Move your body to the beat and learn about the connection between physical activity and mental health.
Please note: Empathy-building experiences throughout the exhibition help visitors understand what some people who live with mental illnesses may experience. Some of these experiences are best suited for ages 8 and older.
Mental Health: MIND MATTERS was produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota with Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre and their partners, Ciência Viva and Cité de Sciences & L’industrie. It is presented in Charlotte by Atrium Health.

Opens January 29 alongside Path to Mindfulness, a featured exhibit unique to Discovery Place Science


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