Path to Mindfulness

Featured Exhibit Unique to Discovery Place

Conceptualized and created by the team at Discovery Place Science, “Path to Mindfulness” is a companion exhibit that enhances the guest experience while visiting Mental Health: Mind Matters. Designed to showcase the benefits of mindfulness and its importance in our everyday lives, it gives visitors space to reflect on life’s “small things” while also calling attention to the satisfaction that comes from connections with other living things, like plants and animals. Highlights from "Path to Mindfulness” include:

  • Wind Phone – it started in Japan over a decade ago as a way for people to hold one-way conversations with loved ones they have lost. Discovery Place offers its own version for personal reflection.
  • Mindfulness Room – offers guests a brief opportunity to experience a mindful, meditative space inside the Museum.
  • An introduction to the term, biophilia – the human tendency to create connections with other life forms, like plants and animals.
  • Nature Mixing – guests create their own nature sequence by combining sound and scenery.

Opens January 29 alongside our newest traveling exhibition Mental Health: Mind Matters

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