Science Fiction/Science Future

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How do science fiction concepts become reality?

Teleportation, holograms, invisibility and mind control were once only possible in fictionalized settings, but when you step into Science Fiction Science Future you’ll experience them in the real world.

This visually compelling exhibition, with hands-on and full-body interactive activities, invites you to examine our past while making predictions about the future.

Come explore with us:

  • Mindball, where you can pit your brainpower against someone else and see who has the ultimate mind control.
  • Robots with personality—once thought of as simple machines, the robots of tomorrow have social applications and can mimic your emotions.
  • The invisibility cloak, a longtime fixture in science fiction, becomes reality. Watch yourself get “cloaked” and disappear on screen.
  • Teleportation may be the transportation of the future—experience the illusion of being beamed out and back again.
  • History of the future—what did people in the past think about the future? Explore visions of the future dating back to the 1890s. Did they get it right?
Science Fiction Science Future was created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.
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  • All Ages
  • November 19 - January 01
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