Explore More Life

Explore biodiversity in a hands-on lab

A hands-on lab dedicated to the diversity of all living things

Explore More Life is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on lab environment that enables understanding and appreciation of biodiversity through exploration and experimentation. Biodiversity unites all living things, including our visitors. So prepare to roll up your sleeves for an engaging exploration of real-world life science.

Visit the touch tank to get an up-close look at live aquatic species including sea urchins and horseshoe crabs. Meet new and interesting species, including the albino axolotl and Madagascar hissing cockroach. Keep an eye out for a hairless fancy rat who often perches on the shoulder of our lab staff.

Observe the relationship between organisms and their environment in the aquarium-terrarium system, and determine your own hypothesis on how this ecosystem works. Participate in a dissection or design and conduct your own experiment.

Lab activities are constantly evolving but always include dynamic activities that provide opportunities to explore big ideas through inquiry. Activities are fun for all ages and skill levels.

Oceanography: Discover the wonders of the largest ecosystem on our planet. Learn about the people who study this vast biome and what they use for research.

Squid Dissections: Squid have unique adaptations that help them survive underwater. Discover the internal anatomy of one type of ocean animal as you watch a dissection. Saturdays, 11 a.m.

Lab programming is supported by partnerships with educational institutions, businesses and individuals.

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