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A unique place where matter and energy are explored and tested

Play, investigate and discover chemistry and physics in an environment that encourages curiosity and learning.

Kids and adults alike have a chance to experiment with forces that are controlled only by the laws of physics and chemistry. We are all scientists at heart so put on your thinking caps and immerse yourself in the world of physical sciences

Have you ever seen a 3D printer in action? Explore this fascinating technology with experts who have a passion for innovation.

Lab activities are constantly evolving but always include dynamic activities that provide opportunities to explore big ideas through inquiry. Activities are fun for all ages and skill levels.


Engineer It! - Feel and see the forces that govern our natural world. Experiment with Newton’s laws of motion through a variety of hands-on activities.

Ozobot Rovers: Learn basics of coding semi-autonomous robots, just like the ones exploring the surface of Mars. Saturdays, 3 p.m

Lab programming is supported by partnerships with educational institutions, businesses and individuals.

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