Enhance the educational impact of a field trip by adding a private class taught by a Museum educator. Discovery Place Science classes incorporate inquiry-based learning with hands-on activities, all geared toward providing exposure to STEM topics and supporting classroom curriculum needs.

3D Printing Elements

Choose an element to design & print using Tinker CAD

Advanced Robotics

Get an introduction to writing programs for LEGO® EV3 robots

Amazing Animals

Get up close to amazing creatures

Animal Behavior & Adaptation

Observe fascinating behaviors and adaptations of animals

Animal Relationships

Understand the role each organism plays in its ecosystem

Applied Biochemistry: Finding Patient Zero

Explore the biochemistry behind immune system response

Become a Fan of Wind Energy

Learn about renewable energy by designing a wind turbine

Biotechnology in Action

Explore the concept of bacterial transformation & learn about biotechnology

Bodies in Space: The Relationship Between the Sun & Earth

Discover how stars are created, how they change & what happens when they die

Bugs Takeover

Learn about adaptions that help bugs survive in the wild

Can You Hear Me?

Explore how sound travels through fun experiments

Concepts of Chemistry

Mix molecules as you investigate chemical reactions

Dig into Earth Science

Test soils, examine plant parts and follow the rock cycle

DNA Detectives

Explore genes and heredity through experimentation

Earth, Moon & the Great Beyond

Learn why the moon appears to change shape each night, why the sun rises and sets and much more

Ecosystem Explorations

Junior surgeons will gain an understanding of the interdependency of systems through dissection

Energetic Contraptions

Put engineering design concepts into practice as students build their own catapults

Engineering 1, 2, 3

Use the engineering design process to tackle fun challenges

Everything Matters

Observe and discover the properties of solids, liquids and gases

Fetal Pig Dissection

Junior surgeons will gain an understanding of the interdependency of systems through dissection

Force & Motion

Get up close with Newton’s Laws of Motion as you experiment with the forces around us

Genetic Fingerprinting with PCR

Delve deeper into the world of DNA

Hot & Cold

A hands-on experience to facilitate discoveries about conduction, convection and radiation

I Like to Move It, Move It

Explore forces such as push, pull and gravity through exciting challenges

Inside Out Dissection

Gain an understanding of the interdependency of systems through dissection

Mini Meteorology

Practice meteorology skills such as collecting data and forecasting

Mold Making & Fossils

Find out what fossils are and how they are created

Motors, Circuits & Art

Make a DrawBot with batteries, motors and circuits

Move It or Lose It

Explore the structure and functions of the human body

Musical Circuits

Learn how to create a musical instrument using the Makey Makey invention kit

Need a Hand?

Learn the benefits of 3D printing for devices like prosthetics

Ocean Adventure

Dive in and explore the world’s oceans and a vast array of sea life


Explore how the ocean works & get a behind-the-scenes aquarium tour

Operation Rainforest

Study the amazing animals that live in World Alive

Outer Space Exploration

Explore the moon and all its changing faces

Plants & Soil

Learn all about plants and how they survive

Rocks and Fossils

Learn about the rock cycle and take a look at Museum fossils

Secret Life of Bugs

Enter the bug world and explore amazing adaptations, mysterious metamorphosis, and lots of legs

Simple Machines

Learn mechanics through activities using gears and levers

Structures of the Earth

A hands-on look into our planet's physical features

Take a Cell-fie

Explore the makeup and function of human cells

The Human Body

Gain a deeper understanding of the human body as you explore real human specimens

The Secret Life of Plants

Investigate the basic structure of green plants and the cycles through which energy and matter flow

Tools of the Trade

Explore different facets of the biotechnology industry

What's the Forecast?

Gain a better understanding of the weather through hands-on experiments