Homeschool Classes

Homeschool families can enjoy science classes and workshops offered in Discovery Place Science's state-of-the-art labs and classrooms. Programs geared towards different age groups are all scheduled on the same day so siblings can each experience unique, educationally appropriate content.

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3D Candy Portraits

Create a self-portrait in edible chocolate

Animal Investigation

Learn about animal habitats, life cycles, classification & adaptation

Cells in Motion

Explore how and why cells divide through the process of mitosis

Dinosaur Discoveries

Explore fossils and make your own dinosaur dig

Hot and Cold

Learn how energy is transferred and ways to see heat

Water, Water, Everywhere

Explore the hydrosphere, observing how water moves and changes

Exploring Gel Electrophoresis

Learn how gel electrophoresis works & its role in DNA research


Experiment with particles smaller than the eye can see

Weather & Climate

Experience weather events firsthand

Bacteria in My Mouth

Prepare & stain a sample to view bacteria under a microscope

Do You See It?

Learn how your eyes work and communicate with your brain

Layers of the Earth

What would happen if you dug a hole thousands of miles deep?

Zoom In

Take a closer look around you using microscopes

3D Drawing and Printing Workshop

Explore concepts of 3D drawing software basics

Cameo Cutting

Learn how to use the Cameo cutter

Medical Devices

Try your hand at sutures, laparoscopy and more

Science at Night

Study constellations, nocturnal animals & plants that survive in the dark

Science of Spies

Uncover clues & sharpen your observation skills

Secrets in the Soil

Observe the differences between sand, silt and clay


Learn what makes a habitat successful

Cell Membrane Marvels

Explore the structure and function of the cell membrane

Gas Laws

Can you bend and master this state of matter to fill or empty objects?

Lit Wearable

Learn about electricity, fashion and programming

Microbes & More

Use microscopes to fight germs, explore a water droplet & more

Sounds Great

Explore the science behind sound

Can You Hear Me?

Explore how sound travels through fun experiments

Discovering Density

How are density and buoyancy different?

DIY Terrarium

Build an ecosystem in a jar

Enzyme Action

Explore the structure and function of enzymes


Investigate Earth’s geological history by analyzing rock samples & diagrams

Senses of Science

Find out how our senses tell our brains about the world around us


Build a robot from a pager motor, a coin cell battery & a toothbrush

Finding Patient Zero

Explore the biochemistry behind immune system response

Radiation Around Us

Learn about radiation from distant stars

Robot Rescue

Learn how robots think and work

Short Circuit

Find out how electricity works

3D Printed Candy

Use sugar & 3D modeling tools to create sweet treats

Basics of Soldering

Make a durable electrical circuit that you can wear

DNA to Proteins

Unroll DNA and follow the path of genetic information

Jump Starting Circuits

Discover how electricity travels by building circuits

One Big World

Engineer & create solutions to current conservation issues

Roaming Robots

Learn how robots process and work

Efficiency & Advantage

Develop a working knowledge of mechanical marvels through hands-on activities

Engineering 1, 2, 3

Use the engineering design process to tackle fun challenges

Genetic Fingerprinting

Delve deep into the world of DNA

Push & Pull

Create motion & learn about forces and gravity

3D Modeling

Get up close and personal with our 3D printers


From birds and bats to planes and helicopters, explore how things fly


Test the effects of common drugs on heart rates

Programming Basics

Learn the basics of Python

Creating with Chemistry

Make chemical reactions including bubbles, color changes & smells

Everything Matters

Observe and discover the properties of solids, liquids and gases

Fuel Up

Gain a better understanding of the food you eat


Do some spinning with the laws of physics

Oil Spill Clean-up

Explore effects of some of the world’s worst oil spills

Chemistry 101

Conduct experiments & create exciting chemical reactions

Flex It

Explore the structure and function of the muscular system

Mix & Match Matter

Manipulate the three phases of matter through hands-on experiments

Pressure Differences

With the right pressure, anything is possible

Stream Team

Learn about the importance of stream health

Air Pollution

Learn about particulate matter in our air & develop a plan for improving air quality

Gravity Sucks

Where does gravity come from?

I've Got a Feeling

Go skin-deep and get a closer look at your skin

Natural Disasters

What causes a volcano to erupt? How do earthquakes happen?

Science of Armor

Experiment with various materials to design and test your own armor

Structure Is Important

Try and test different shapes and materials

Bonkers for Bones

Explore the structure and function of the skeletal system

Catalysts & Reactions

Explore the fundamentals of chemistry

Forensic Entomology

Learn how creepy crawlies help solve crimes

Storm the Castle

Use the engineering process to build the strongest wall & create a catapult

Beginner Microbiology

Study the types of bacteria that grow in sauerkraut

Fun with Liquid Nitrogen

Explore the subzero world

Gross Science

Explore the grosser aspects of the human body systems

Inside Your Outside

Discover the amazing body systems that keep you alive

MAKE: Energy

Power your understanding of renewable energy sources

Mini Meteorologists

Practice meteorology skills such as collecting data and forecasting

Eat Your Science

Discover chemical reactions that happen in your own kitchen

Experimental Design

Learn the basics of conducting an experiment

Head to Toes

Where does your lunch go? How do your legs move?

Screen Printing

Learn how screen printers create their images

Sports Science

Study the body in motion

Weather Station

Explore the tools used to observe and predict weather

Workshop: Biotechnology

Explore the different aspects of the biotech industry

Colorful Light

Mix colors of light and colors of paint

Experimental Archaeology

Reverse engineer artifacts excavated from archaeological sites

Our Body's Cleaners

Learn about the structure & function of the excretory system

Test Lab

Find the best material for the job by exploring & testing different materials

Tracing the Toxins: Bioaccumulation

Learn about toxic and harmful algal blooms

Backyard Detectives

Take a closer look at clues left behind by some of our local neighbors

Mastering Magnetism

Get pulled into the world of poles and metals

Pond Ecology

Measure physical & chemical characteristics of different ponds

Scratch Programming

Learn to code with Scratch, a block programming language

Touring the Blood Vessels

Learn about blood’s important role, what it’s made of & how blood types are identified

Eye See You

Learn how the eye creates a visual

Garden Science

Dig into gardening & explore native wildlife

Movie Magic

Learn how movie moments were captured before the age of computers & CGI


Explore the four branches of oceanography

Playful Polymers

Did you know chemicals can get tangled into knots?

Journey into Space

Explore the night sky with the help of our planetarium

MAKE: Energy

Learn about renewable energy by designing and building wind turbines

Marine Biology

Explore the diversity of marine life & dissect a squid

Our Body's Defenders

Uncover what the immune system does for you

Stars & Constellations

Learn about the nighttime constellation show