Science on the Rocks

Play like a kid, party like an adult

Science is shaken, not stirred, every third Friday of the month at Science on the Rocks. Each month features themed activities and a chance for adults age 21+ to explore the Museum after-hours. Unlike field trips from your childhood, Science on the Rocks transforms each floor of the Museum with crazy activities, costume contests, bars and music from your favorite local radio stations: Channel 96.1, 102.9 The Lake, 96.9 The Kat and 106.5 The End.

Meet your friends, bring a date or leave the kids at home for a Friday night you won’t soon forget!

Discovery Place knows how to make parents feel like kids, a gift we all need from time to time. Other venues should take notice: This is how you do community outreach, one liquid-nitrogen wine slushie at a time.
Charlotte Magazine
  • Adults Only 21+

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Getting here

Discovery Place Science is located in the heart of uptown Charlotte and is accessible by car, train or foot. Discovery Place Science Parking Deck is located at the corner of Church and 6th Sts. in uptown Charlotte.

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