Scout Programs

Coming Summer 2022

Be prepared for an extraordinary educational experience

Discovery Place Science partners with troop leaders and councils to provide unique learning opportunities for Scouts. Collaborate with Museum educators to earn Merit Badges. Enjoy exclusive sleepovers in the Museum. Or contact us to create a custom workshop just for your troop.

Looking for programs for Cub Scouts?

Den and Pack leaders can schedule Adventure Courses for the entire troop. Cub Scout Adventures require 10 - 20 participants and last 90 minutes (60 minutes for Tiger Cub Scout Adventures). Programs include:

Tiger Cub Scout

  • Sky Is the Limit - Investigate the night sky, astronauts and common constellations. Create your own constellation and learn to use a telescope or binoculars with your den. $6 per Scout. Partial Merit Badge completion.

Wolf Cub Scout

  • Air of the Wolf - Learn all about the power of air. Make it fly! Feel the air! Explore how air can help things fly, make them bounce and create sounds. $8 per Scout. Partial Merit Badge completion.
  • Digging in the Past - Learn about dinosaurs and fossils. Discover what they ate and create your own unique dinosaur with your den. $8 per Scout. Full Merit Badge completion.

Bear Cub Scout

  • Forensics - Investigate the world of forensics. Analyze different powders, take your fingerprint and explore chromatography. Learn all about forensic science and how it helps to solve crimes. $8 per Scout. Partial Merit Badge completion.
  • Make it Move - Explore how things move using simple machines. Learn how simple machines make work a little easier and create a Rube Goldberg machine. $8 per Scout. Full Merit Badge completion.
  • Robotics - Learn about the world of robots and what they can do for us. Create your own robotic hand and explore some of the robots we use daily. $8 per Scout. Full Merit Badge completion.
  • Super Science - Investigate the world of science and complete some hands-on experiments. Learn about static electricity, figure out if objects will sink or float and mix some colors in this super science adventure. $8 per Scout. Full Merit Badge completion.

Webelos Cub Scout

  • Adventures in Science - Learn all about science with several different experiments. Explore the solar system, rockets, electricity and circuits, and conduct some chemical experiments. $8 per Scout. Full Merit Badge completion.
  • Earth Rocks - Learn about the world geology. Test the hardness of some minerals, identify different rocks and minerals and explore the many reasons why earth rocks! $8 per Scout. Partial Merit Badge completion; Scouts may receive full completion if they go on a rock hunt before class and bring specimens to class.
  • Ages 10 - 17

Getting Here

Discovery Place Science is located in the heart of uptown Charlotte and is accessible by car, train or foot. Discovery Place Science Parking Deck is located at the corner of Church and 6th Sts. in uptown Charlotte.

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