Taste of Cuba

Immerse yourself in Cuban customs reflected through performing arts, music, food and more

As a part of our Greetings from Cuba experience, Discovery Place Science is hosting a series of four evening events exploring the rich food, drink and culture of this beautiful island.

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Upcoming Events

Sip | November 21

Cuban cantineros, or bartenders, have been making popular cocktails for decades. The cocktails from this island expand far beyond rum and often include gin and Cognac.

Coffee was first brought to Cuba in plant form in the 18th century. Coffee plantations continued to grow, and Cuba became a powerful center for coffee production.

Live | December 4

Holiday traditions are a defining Cuban feature. From Noche Buena to New Year’s eve, Cuban living combines food, celebration and drinking to create an invigorating Cuban culture.

Past Events

Eat | September 27

A nation’s food is an entry into culture and represents traditions that are passed down through each generation.

From crops to cuisine, the island brings a range of staple flavors to the table. Cuba's national dish, ropa vieja, highlights a recipe that is over 500 years old. Although it’s been tweaked over time, the fundamental ingredients remain the same.

Fiesta | November 9

Fiestas are for celebrating, but did you know they play a role in Cuba's complex history?

Dating back to the 17th century, Cuban fiestas worked as both a form of expression and a way to combat hostility. Music and dancing prevailed in controversial times and have survived the changes in Cuban culture.

Get a real Taste of Cuba at each of our events for this special exhibition.

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  • 6:30 pm
  • Adults 21+

¡Cuba! the exhibition

¡Cuba! delves into the rich culture, biodiversity and society that make up this beautiful island.