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Master Mixology: Smoky Infusion

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Welcome back to Master Mixology with Discovery Place Science! This video series explores the intersection of science, history and alcohol, plus fun adult beverage demonstrations (and non-alcoholic modifications!).

Discovery Place Science

Ask an Aquarist: All About Fish

0737 Discovery Place Science aquarium

Welcome to Ask an Aquarist with Discovery Place Science! In this special video series, we go behind-the-scenes with Discovery Place team members to learn about our Museum’s marine life and conservation efforts.

Discovery Place Science

Painting by Gravity

Pendulum Finished Product

Practice Newton's Law of Inertia at home! All you need is some paint, water, paper and let gravity do the work! Just a warning, it could get a little messy.

Discovery Place Science

Spring Sky Stargazing

Telescope Stars

As the Earth revolves, we get different views of constellations. What constellations should you keep an eye out for during the springtime in the Northern Hemisphere?


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